Monday, February 15, 2010

the woman who wants to be drawn

This woman rides the bus every morning and typically boards earlier than I do, including the day I did this sketch. However, on a recent morning, as I waited for the bus, a car pulled up, this woman got dropped off, and waited with me. After I wished her good morning, she said, "I want you to draw me." I told her I would be glad to. I had to take a different bus than she did that day, but I'll have to draw her someday soon and give her the sketch.

  • commute: morning
  • bus: route 32 or 36 to Friendship Heights
  • time to produce sketch: about 5 minutes
  • subject aware? I've noticed her watching me before, but I don't think she knew I was drawing her on this day.
  • reactions to my work: a request to be my subject in the future! (as described above)

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